Eight Branches College of Eastern Medicine

112 Merton Street, 3rd Floor, Toronto, ON M4S 2Z8 • 416.925.5722 1.855.888.8565

Eight Branches College of Eastern Medicine specializes in teaching the ancient practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and making it relevant in the modern world through capable and confident graduates. The student experience includes a balance of in-depth theory and extensive hands-on practice. The education is comprehensive— based on eight foundational branches of Eastern Medicine. Students are supported and mentored by a warm community, and encouraged to grow; personally, as an expert in TCM, and as a capable leader in your community. Eight Branches fosters thought-leadership, academic excellence and brings decades of experience to ensure that students are equipped for success, and most importantly, are able to better lives through this powerful and compassionate medicine.

We are committed to the success of our students, and to offering the best Eastern Medicine education in the province of Ontario, Canada. To this effect we have established a program that has lead to the highest pass rates on board regulatory examinations in the Province of Ontario. Eight Branches works diligently to ensure programs meet (and, where possible, exceed) the criteria for excellence set out by all the major North American regulatory bodies so that graduates can confidently practice this medicine no matter where their future takes them. Eight Branches offers continuing education, professional development and advancement to our students, graduates and faculty. We aim to create a supportive environment that encourages growth, and promotes leaders in the field of TCM. We aim to be a centre for mentorship and an incubator for leading edge approaches so that the very best this medicine has to offer is readily available via our ever-expanding community of dedicated and capable practitioners.

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